Information in English

Welcome to Caresse BraExpert, a specialized ladies’ lingerie store! 

We currently have stores in Prague and Brno, and you can also visit our e-shop.

What do we offer?

♥ Bras: lace and smooth, nude and colourful, sports bras, nursing bras, with straps and strapless, bralettes, plunge, half-cup, push-up. Cups from A to K, back bands from 55 to 110.

♥ Panties: smooth, lace, shaping panties, briefs, thongs, period panties, nude or in colour.

♥ Anti-chafing thigh protection.

♥ Nightdresses, pyjamas, tank tops, chemises, men’s underwear, suspender belts, swimwearkimonos

♥ Gift vouchers.


Our know-how

Our goal is to teach women how to select and wear their bras correctly, which is why every new customer goes through our bra-fitting. Our skilled shop assistant will help her find her size and the right fit and material. Every bust is unique and needs different cup shapes and wiring placement. Check out our customers amazing bra transformation!

We provide bra-fitting free of charge, and you can make an appointment via e-mail to avoid waiting. It usually takes around 30-45 minutes, and you don’t need anything special for it. Breast surgery, scoliosis, a wheelchair, or any other unconventional situation or non-standard size is no obstacle for our bra-fitting. We also welcome trans women and mums with small children.

Shopping online

If you cannot visit us in person in our store, you can naturally make an order from our e-shop. When buying a bra, we recommend measuring yourself thoroughly and determining your size using our calculator.

How to measure yourself

You will need a dressmakers’ measuring tape (available in any haberdashery for a few crowns). If you cannot get that, you can measure yourself using a string, which you then measure on a ruler. Measure your underbust horizontally (we recommend standing with your side facing the mirror) while breathing out and extremely tightly. The bust measurement is a bit more complicated: For the best results, measure yourself in a non-padded underwired bra – but in the correct size. If you don’t know your size yet, you will have to improvise. Women with smaller and firmer breasts can just measure their breasts without a bra, in the widest point of their circumference (usually along the nipples). If your breasts are bigger or not entirely firm, you can measure yourself in a worse-fitting bra or without it while slightly bent over. Then just put the numbers you have measured into our calculator. The first number is in centimetres under your bust, the second is over your bust.

Správná velikost podprsenek a plavek

Jedná se pouze o orientační, nikoli přesné velikosti, každý výrobce a materiál mají unikátní číslování a vlastnosti.
Nejste si jistá výsledkem? Objednejte se na brafitting zdarma!

Online bra fitting

If you want to shop online, you can also use our online bra fitting in English using a webcam. We will help you measure yourself correctly and show you the lingerie you have picked. Just write to us at, and we’ll agree on a date.

International shipping

If you want the order to be delivered to an other country than Czech republic or Slovakia please send request email to

We can ship to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and USA.

You can find the prices on the Zásilkovna website or we will tell you about them by e-mail

We are able to send parcels via ZÁSILKOVNA


Thigh anti-chafing protection

We also offer a broad spectrum of anti-chafing protection for thighs and other parts of the body.


Bandelettes are elastic bands that protect your inner thighs from painful chafing. They are ideal from spring till fall, under skirts and dresses, in shorts, and for sports. They are elegant, practical, and very feminine-looking. They stay in place all day, thanks to silicone bands. We offer a sleek lace version and a discrete smooth version.

How to pick the right bandelette size

Tightly measure the fullest (chafing-prone) part of your thigh and find that number in our calculator. If you are on the border of two sizes, size down. If the selected size is not the right fit, contact us, and we’ll find a solution. Unlike the producer (, we have smaller sizing because we found the sizes we recommend work much better for European women. With other brands, the sizing is the same. If you use the original conversion table, the bandelettes will likely be too loose and won’t stay in place.

Konec odřeným stehnům, máme pro vás záchranu


Anti-chafing shorts and moisturizing lotions

If bandelettes don’t work for you, we also offer anti-chafing shorts from Bandelettes, THE BIG BLOOMERS COMPANY, and Julimex, in several sizes, versions and colours. For hot summer days, we recommend our protective Body Glide Lotions. You can use them not only for thighs but also for your underbust, armpits, or arms. The lotions create a thin film that protects your skin from chafing. We offer the universal Body Glide, Body Glide for Her with moisturizing extracts, and Body Glide Foot to protect against blisters.

If you need any advice, feel free to contact us!